Socket Mounted Electronic Energy Meter

Functions And Features

Relative name:Socket Mounted Single Phase Electronic Energy Meter

● Socket mounted. The meter cover is made from transparent anti-ultraviolet PC. The terminal block is made from black fire-retardant glass fiber reinforced PC, with the features of good weather resistance, anti-impact and excellent appearance, etc. complying with Standards ANSI C12.10 – 2004.

● 5+1 digits (99999.1kWh) LCD.

● Can select the real-time power measurement function, 2 decimals for 0 ~ 9.99kW, A decimal for 10.0 ~ 99.9kW.

● Can select the maintenance free lithium battery inside for LCD display to read the meter while the power is cut.

● Can add LCD backlight to read meter conveniently.

● LED indicates separately the energy impulse signal (red) and the load current flow direction (yellow).

● Automatic detection for the load current flow direction and will be indicated by LED (LED lighting means reverse current flow)

● Measure the active energy consumption in one direction on single phase two wire or single phase three wire, which is not related with the load current flow direction at all, complying with Standards IEC 62053-21 and ANSI C12.20 – 2002.

● Direct connection. For single phase two wire meter, the connection type is 1S. For single phase three wire meter, the connection type is 2S.

Technical Parameters

Series Power supply Accuracy Reference Voltage(V) Current specifications(A) Starting current(A) Insulation performance
LEM171 Class 0.5 Class 2 120 or 240 CL100
AC voltage 4kV for 1 minute, 1.2/50us
waveform impulse voltage 6kV.
* If any reference voltage and current you need are different from above, please contact our salesmen.

Outer And Mount Dimension

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