Production workshop

Technological Innovation More Than

  • Advantage

    Decade focus meter production, research and development, sales, regularly develop new products to meet market demand, there's rail energy meter, energy meter front panel, plug-in power meter, socket energy meter meter four broad categories of products.

  • Quality Assurance

    Semi-automated production equipment and technology to ensure that each product have to undergo a rigorous inspection of production processes and strict aging test before the factory to ensure product quality.

  • Production Capacity

    Strong productivity, can produce up to 5000 meter, the annual output of up to 50,000 units. Ensure product quality and stability while ensuring adequate supply, supply is guaranteed.

  • Quality and cheap

    LOGOS of "high-quality products, reasonable price" concept as the core, adhere to the production process from raw materials to cost control. To provide customers with high-quality low-priced products.

  • Factory

  • Meeting room

  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

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