LEM601BN/AN smart metering are front panel mounted three phase three wire or three phase four wire multifunctional energy meters. LEM601BN/AN smart metering adopt many advanced technologies of research and development, like microelectronic-techniques, specialized large-scale IC (integrated circuit), digital sampling and processing technology, SMT technique, and so on. LEM601BN/AN smart metering technical performances completely conform to 《Technical specifications for three phase smart electricity meters》 from State Grid Corporation of China. This kind of LEM601BN/AN smart metering is appropriate for the centralized purchasing by State Grid Corporation of China for the requirements of high reliable and high stable energy measurement power station, transformer substation and many other enterprises and institutions. LEM601BN/AN smart metering achieve RS485 concentrated meter reading system and used indoors or in the meter box outdoors.

Functions and features

√ LEM601XX smart metering; Front panel mounted with three fixed holes. The centre-to-centre distance between the top mounting holes and the bottom one is 210 – 226 mm, which the user can select any needed distance, in accordance with Standards BS 7856 and DIN 43857.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Wide visual angle, Large LCD screen, abundant status indicators and information tips.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Twin-channel RS-485 and far infrared communication interface are independent each other.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Time-of-use metering forward active energy, reverse active energy, four-quadrant reactive maximum demand and their occurrence time.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Save the historical electricity data and demand record for maximum 13 months. Power data settlement can reach to three times a month at most.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Max eight tariff, two sets of tariff schedule for backup, automatic error correction for clock dual backup.  
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Dual backup data storage, automatic error correction for parameters.  
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Six kinds of data recording the load curves are supported, memory capacity reaches to 2M bytes.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Comprehensive incident record. Detection function of anti-theft with opening the terminal cover.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Record and save the voltage quality statistical data for 13 months.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; With self-checking, error correction and alarm functions.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Using button or handheld device to wake and show data when power is cut, and reading meter by far infrared.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Ten-degree password protection, communication locked when password failed many times, supporting the function of single stage password locked.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; AC/DC adaptive auxiliary power supply, priority for the auxiliary power supply (APS) when powered.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Record various frozen data, analysis of anomaly for graphical power utilization based on incident record, load curve and frozen data.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; LED instructs the energy pulse signal and alarm status.
√ LEM601XX smart metering; Direct connecting or CT connection or CT&PT connection are optional.
√ LEM601XX smart metering;  Extended terminals cover.

Technical parameters

    Technical parameters
Model Accuracy Reference voltage (V) Current specifications (A) Operating temperature Insulation performance
LEM601XX Active Class 0.5S/1
Reactive Class 2.0
3×100V 3×57.7V/
100V 3×220/380V
-25℃ to+60℃ AC voltage 4kV for 1 minute, 
1.2/50us waveform impulse voltage 6kV.

Outer and mounting dimension

Outer and mounting dimension

Wiring diagram

  Wiring diagram

Terminal Note
11 Auxiliary power supply
12 Auxiliary power supply
13 Backup
14 Backup
15 Backup
16 Alarm (normally open)
17 Alarm (Public)
18 Backup
19 Active energy pulse output
20 Reactive energy pulse output
21 Common earthing
22 Multifunctional signal output (+) 
23 Multifunctional signal output (-) 
24 RS485-A1 port
25 RS485-B1 port
26 Common earthing
27 RS485-A2 port
28 RS485-B2 port

Product configuration table