The LEM011 series energy meters are DIN rail single phase two wire active electronic energy meters. The energy meters adopt many advanced technologies of research and development, like microelectronic-techniques, specialized large-scale IC (integrated circuit), digital sampling and processing technology, SMT technique, and so on. LEM011 series energy meters technical performances completely conform to International Standards IEC 62053-21 for Class 1 single phase active energy meter. LEM011 series energy meters can directly and accurately measure the load active energy consumption in the single phase AC networks of rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz. LEM011 series energy meters series have multiple types for option, to be suitable with the various market demands. LEM011 series energy meters have features with excellent long-term reliability, small volume, light weight, perfect appearance, easy installation, etc.

Functions and features

√ LEM011 series energy meters : Available as 35mm DIN standard rail mounted, conforming to Standards DIN EN 50022, as well as front PANEL mounted (the center distance between two mounting holes is 63mm or 67mm). Two mounted methods above are optional for user.
√ LEM011 series energy meters : 6 pole width (modulus 12.5mm), complying with Standards JB/T7121-1993.
√ LEM011 series energy meters : Can select the step motor impulse register of 5+1 digits (99999.1kWh) or 6+1 digits (999999.1kWh) LCD display.
√ LEM011 series energy meters : Can select two LCD displays with 6 digits, to show total power (5+1 digits display), and real-time power (4+2 digits display) which can be cleared by the red button on the nameplate. This red button can be protected by the seal and this model meter suits for the renting house.
√ LEM011 series energy meters : Can select the inside load switch for the remote control credit.
√ LEM011 series energy meters : Can select the inside far infrared data communication port and RS485 data communication port, the communication protocol complies with Standards DL/T645-1997, can also select the other communication protocol.
√ LEM011 series energy meters : Equipped with a polarity passive energy impulse output terminal, conforming to Standards IEC 62053-31 and DIN 43864.
√ LEM011 series energy meters : Two LEDs to indicate separately the power state (green) and the energy impulse signal (red).
√ LEM011 series energy meters :  Measure the active energy consumption in one direction on single phase two wire, which is not related with the load current flow direction at all, complying with Standards IEC 62053-21.
√ LEM011 series energy meters : Direct connection for use. Two connections: type S and type T for option.
√ LEM011 series energy meters : The short terminal cover is made with the transparent PC, to reduce the installation space and is convenient for centralized installation.

Technical parameters

    Technical parameters
Model Accuracy Reference voltage (V) Current specifications (A) Starting current (A) Insulation performance
LEM011XX Class 1 127 or 230 5(30)
AC voltage 4kV for 1 minute, 
1.2/50us waveform impulse voltage 6kV.

Outer and mounting dimension

Outer and mounting dimension

Wiring diagram

  Wiring diagram -1 (Type S)  
(Inlet wire from bottom, outlet wire on top)
Terminal Note
L Phase line
N Neutral line
2 and 3 Passive energy impulse output port

  Wiring diagram -2 (Type T)
(Inlet wire from bottom, outlet wire on top)
Terminals Note
L1 Phase line
L2/N Neutral line
2 and 3 Passive energy impulse output port
T-connection: while connection, no need to cut the cable
, please let the cable go straight through connection hole.

  Wiring diagram -3 (Type S)
(Inlet wire from bottom, outlet wire on top)

Terminals Note
L Phase line
N Neutral line
3 and 4 Passive energy impulse output port
1 and 2 RS485 communication port

Product configuration table

  Product configuration table
  Configuration Options Configuration Code
5+1 digits step motor impulse register

6+1 digits LCD

Two 6 digits LCD to display total power and real-time power

Can be mounted on the front PANEL and the distance of two mounting holes center is 63mm (Picture 1)
Can be mounted on the front PANEL and the distance of two mounting holes center is 67mm (Picture 2)

Far infrared data communication port and RS485 data communication port

Inside load switch for the remote control credit

Type S (Wiring diagram - 1)

Type T (Wiring diagram - 2)

Type S (Wiring diagram - 3)

* If any configurations you need are different from above, please contact our salesmen.