Application status and development trend of smart meters

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At this stage, in the process of building smart grid, the actual installation and application of smart electric meter have begun gradually, and the State Grid has also conducted many tenders for smart meters.

1. Development status of smart energy meter

"Full coverage, full acquisition, full cost control" is the goal of the construction of the information acquisition system, in which the full cost control function is the difficulty of the national power network information acquisition system construction. With the continuous improvement of the management level of electricity consumption, it is urgent to change the old manual meter reading method. The construction of remote meter reading automation system replaces manual meter reading, and fundamentally solves the problems of meter reading, such as inadequate reading, evaluation, misreading and omission, as well as the inaccuracy, timing, inaccuracy, slow statistical data and report forms of meter reading data. Cycle length and other shortcomings. At this stage, the provincial electric power companies are using technical means, large-scale modification of smart meters, to achieve the user from the original "first electricity, then pay" to "first pay, then electricity" mode change, and strive to make residential electricity more intelligent, more humanized power supply services.

2. The application advantages of smart energy meter

The popularization and application of smart electric meter can promote the transformation of power supply enterprises from manual meter reading to automatic meter reading; at the same time, more detailed data of electricity consumption can be obtained, and through analysis and processing, real-time electricity price information, payment information and electricity consumption information can be notified to users, so that customers can be better served and users can be promoted. More scientific and rational use of electricity, and actively participate in load regulation. This is manifested in the following aspects.

(1) Meter reading
After the implementation of intelligent ammeter, no longer need meter reader to the scene for centralized reading, but to achieve full data acquisition, meter reader basic transformation or job transfer, only need intelligent ammeter maintenance personnel to inspect the scene from time to time, after the abnormal correction. Due to the adoption of pre-payment method, the meter-reading staff is reduced, and the meter-reading staff is trained as intelligent meter maintenance personnel; the data collected are more accurate, and the level of power supply service is improved; the electricity charge can be calculated on a daily basis to realize the daily deduction of the pre-collected electricity charge, which is conducive to improving the recovery rate of electricity charges.

(2) Accounting
After the implementation of intelligent energy meter, because of the high accuracy of data acquisition, it is not necessary to calculate electricity charges, but to determine a fixed monthly electric meter reading and settlement day, by the system automatically judge whether electricity charges are abnormal, no abnormal automatically send electricity charges information, if there are abnormal, initiate abnormal flow to the electricity charges center, by electricity charges. Accounting personnel are responsible for judgment processing. Under the prepayment mode, the electricity cost accounting personnel are reduced, and the electricity cost accounting personnel are trained as data acquisition anomaly analysis and processing personnel; because of the high accuracy of data acquisition, the number of errors to be handled by meter reading will be reduced.

(3) In the prepaid mode, blackouts are very convenient, as long as the main station triggers the blackout command, remote blackouts, and customers can not operate privately.

(4) Under the prepaid mode, the power-back mode is more advanced. According to the charging situation of the marketing system, the main station system triggers the power-back instructions in real time and remotely, and the number of customer complaints will be reduced if the power-back is timely.