The future development trend of smart meters

Publisher: Time: 2018-10-12Views: 1742 times

With the promotion of smart meter manufacturers in the market, smart meter began to be active in the market, and most of the power supply enterprises in the market have begun to shift from manual energy meter reading to automatic meter reading. Smart meters are a milestone for the entire look-up project, because smart meters can make consumers know more detailed electricity data, data brighter, so high-quality smart meters can be said to be one of the hottest hardware products today. Since smart meters are so hot, let's learn about its future development trend.

Smart meter

1. The industrial system of smart energy meter needs to be improved effectively: smart meters belong to the high-tech smart commodity system, so the production of smart meters will be integrated in the future, because only in this way can we control and manage the branded smart meters industry in an all-round way. In the research and development of smart watt-hour meter chip, we still need to use the advanced technology of the current society. It is better to form the unique core of smart watt-hour meter, so as to make the whole smart watt-hour meter industry have long-term benefits.

2. The function setting of smart electric meter needs to be modularized. If the smart meter wants to be modularized, it needs the smart meter manufacturer to perfect the function setting of smart meter. In practice, according to the operation of smart grid, the functions and schemes of smart meters are set or modified remotely, and all functions of smart meters are required to be independent of each other. Only in this way can the stability and safety of smart meters be ensured.

3. Integrative development of interface: Watt-hour meter testing has always been a complex human work, and the emergence of smart meters has changed the existing electric meter testing mode, to achieve intelligent and automated testing methods, so that the manpower has been liberated. Some consumers think that there are too many kinds of weak-current interfaces in smart meters, which need to be switched frequently in the detection process, so they have shortcomings. Therefore, the future development of smart meters is bound to achieve interface integration.

These are the future trends of smart energy meter, according to the above trends we can find that the future prospects of smart meters is bright. Smart meters are one of the cornerstones of smart grid and digital energy, because they generate large amounts of data. As more and more users connect through smart meters, the amount of data available is increasing. The importance of smart meters lies in its simplicity. Compared with battery storage and electric vehicles, they have lower entry thresholds (usually borne by energy suppliers) which means they may have the most direct impact on ordinary consumers. In Europe, the European Union has strong regulations on smart electric meter installations, and countries such as Sweden, Italy and Finland have nearly 100% penetration of smart meters, benefiting from customer participation and aggressive energy management initiatives. With the development of society, consumers put forward more and more requirements for smart meters. Consumers should and should be able to feel that these requirements are in line with the trend of the times, and have a far-reaching impact on the smart effect of smart meters.