There are more and more reasons for the use of new smart meters

Publisher: Time: 2018-10-10Views: 1394 times

The new smart meter is more sensitive and accurate than the mechanical meter. The old mechanical meter has a long time to use, there will be certain wear and error. At the same time, the old mechanical meter needs a certain starting current. Precisely, the household appliances are ready to plug, so the residents feel faster than before.

Compared with ordinary meters, smart electric meter add new functions such as metering information management, power consumption information management, power consumption monitoring and so on, which can provide more accurate and timely electricity tariff calculation function for customers.

Nowadays, more and more new energy meter are used. Why is that? The following smart meter manufacturers to introduce the reasons for the emergence of this:
1. Powerful functions.
Traditional energy meter have certain limitations, especially in recording and playback of contents, it is difficult to achieve a comprehensive and systematic display, but if you can rely on high-quality intelligent ammeters can effectively solve this demand, can store ultra-long-term energy data, and thus provide more basis for understanding the specific needs of electricity usage. On the other hand, on the specific data understanding record, relying on the smart meter can also rely on its large screen Chinese LCD, to implement more convenient content recording. Smart meters with relatively more perfect functions and better brands can obviously meet higher requirements for the use of meters, thus laying a guarantee for the increase in the use of areas.

2. More energy efficient
The well-known smart energy meter also has more advantages in energy-saving display, relying on the most advanced energy-saving equipment to complete the use, fundamentally reducing the cost of the use of the well-known smart meter expenses, which better meet the energy saving, from the fundamental to lay a guarantee for the continuous reduction of the cost of comprehensive use of electricity. Smart meters with more energy-saving advantages also fundamentally lay the backing for the establishment of market reputation and the implementation of demand.

Disadvantages of smart meters

Everything has its good side and its bad side. So does a smart electric meter. Here are the drawbacks of a smart meter:
1. User's electricity record is analyzed by manganese-copper splitter sampling. If the internal electronic components are broken down, the accounting is not accurate.
2. The remote control is realized by the magnetic retaining relay installed in the electric meter. That is to say, the user's arrears are disconnected by the remote signal. If the relay can not be disconnected under the interference of the external strong magnetic field (such as NdFeB permanent magnet, ferrite, etc.), the relay can not be disconnected, that is to say, it can not be disconnected in the case of arrears. This has happened in African countries where smart meters are used, where users are found to stop paying their electricity bills once they are turned on, and terminals show that they are in arrears with power cuts, but users are still using electricity.