Why can smart meters replace old meters?

Publisher: Time: 2018-10-08Views: 1733 times

In recent years, most places have changed their meters on a large scale. Many residents have asked the same question: why should we replace the old meters with smart ones? Other consumers reflect that smart meters have been replaced at home, but electricity bills have gone up a lot. From this we can see that we have little knowledge of smart meters.

After replacing the old energy meter with the smart meter, many consumers are still not accustomed to it, but the smart meter really brings a lot of convenience to our life. The old meter is controlled by quantity, which shows the amount of electricity used, the smart electric meter is controlled by cost, and the amount of electricity charged is displayed. After the peak and valley tariffs and ladder tariffs are implemented in the future, the tariffs will be deducted automatically according to the tariffs at different times. If the balance in the card is not consumed, the price department adjusts the electricity price, and the smart meter will adjust the price immediately, so as to facilitate the real-time settlement of users'electricity charges.

After the energy meter is replaced, the residents will not need to plug in IC card to buy electricity, but to realize the automatic recharge after buying electricity. As long as they report the address to the business hall and pay for it, the power supply company will send the purchased degree into the meter remotely. The employees of power supply company can monitor and control the electricity information and working state of the meter through computer remote acquisition system. While changing the traditional way of electricity fee checking, the illegal behaviors such as stealing electricity from the meter are put an end to.

Smart meters are more sensitive than traditional meters and can measure the power consumption of electrical appliances when they stand by. This is also an important reason why many families mentioned electricity consumption increased after changing the meter. The power supply staff said they hoped users would have no worries about the new meters. The smart electric meter were purchased by the State Grid Corporation through unified bidding, and the metrological supervision departments of various cities and cities were in charge of checking each other, so the quality could be fully guaranteed. If the consumer has any objection to the power meter installed in the power supply department, please check the unit concerned.

The replacement of smart energy meter will make life more convenient for consumers, and at the same time, it will better promote consumers to save electricity.

Since its development, smart meters have a global market share of about $9.27 billion, estimated to reach $11.33 billion in 2023, an increase of 4.11%. With the increasing demand of high-efficiency data monitoring system and the development of smart meters promoted by the government, the popularization and use of smart meters can save related costs from many angles, so the smart meter market is developing rapidly.

It is estimated that by 2023, the real estate sector will maintain its largest market share and develop rapidly. Smart electric meter can help users monitor, regulate and reduce the consumption of power grids and generators, while reducing the consumption of renewable energy, fundamentally reducing the use of fossil fuels. As a result, the use of power, electronics and data devices is increasingly driven by power management solutions, which also drive the development of the smart meter market.