Correct operation of smart meters

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Correct operation of smart meters
1. The smart meter can only identify the only card corresponding to it. When the user prepares to insert the card after purchasing the electricity, he should check whether the electric meter is his own or not, so as to avoid the error of inserting the card. Judge the inspection method of home appliances meter: disconnect the switch in the meter box, if the home power off at this time, prove that this meter is home appliances energy meter.
2. After installing the smart meter, the power supply department provides the pre-set electricity fee for the meter-changing users. After installing and connecting the meter, the users can start to use electricity. During this period, the users can go to the power supply company to sell the grid point to open an account and purchase electricity. When the first electricity is purchased, the preset power will be automatically deducted.
3. The user needs to insert the card into the energy meter after purchasing electricity. When inserting the card, insert it into the ammeter slot along the direction indicated by the arrow. In order to ensure the normal operation of the card, the time of inserting the card should not be less than 15 seconds.
4. After the intelligent meter interrupts the power supply, the circuit components of the watt hour meter are still working live, so we must pay attention to safety. Card operation should be carried out by adults to prevent electric shock.
5. The electric card of the smart meter should be properly kept, not bending, pollution or immersion, to avoid high temperature, high humidity environment, should be away from the magnetic field. After being demagnetizing or missing, the purchase card should be reported to the power supply department to fill in the card in time.

The difference between smart meter and ordinary meter
1. Compared with ordinary energy meter, intelligent meters add new functions such as measurement information management, power consumption information management, power consumption monitoring and so on, which can provide customers with more accurate and timely electricity tariff calculation functions.
2. Two-way metering function, it supports the use of distributed energy. In addition to recording the amount of electricity entering the user, it can also record the power supplied by the user to the power grid. If users build their own distributed clean energy power generation facilities such as wind and solar energy, when the generated power is not used by themselves, they can realize the transmission of excess electricity to the grid, thus achieving energy conservation and environmental protection to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, making the life of users low carbon, but also improving the economic benefits of users.

As a new generation of electric meter, smart meter not only has the basic functions of electric energy measurement, but also has the functions of electricity information storage, remote acquisition, information exchange and so on. Compared with the card meter and the mechanical meter, the smart meter has the following advantages:

Electricity purchase is more convenient. In addition to the traditional business hall, smart meter customers can purchase electricity through online banking, recharge cards and other means.

Use electricity more clearly. Smart meter customers can call 95598 customer service hotline or visit 95598 interactive website at any time to inquire about electricity information. At the same time, the new free SMS reminder service, in Beijing, when the balance of smart meters less than 30 yuan and 10 yuan, the system will send reminder messages to customers twice.

Life is lower carbon. Smart electric meter not only support time-sharing tariffs, ladder tariffs and other policies, but also provide two-way metering fees for new energy access, such as distributed photovoltaic power generation, to further help customers choose a reasonable way to use electricity, effectively reduce costs and cultivate good electricity-saving habits.