What are the advantages of smart meters?

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What are the advantages of smart meters?

Answer: In addition to the functions of energy metering, information storage and processing, real-time monitoring, active control and information exchange, smart meters also support the practical needs of bidirectional metering, ladder price, time-sharing price, peak-valley price and so on.

Save electricity expenses: Users can make full use of the difference between peak and valley electricity prices to customize their own electricity consumption scheme, so that the same electricity can be used with the least cost;

Consumer autonomy is clear: users in the home appliances meter can be real-time inquiry when electricity prices and the remaining balance of electricity charges, easy to grasp the electricity information, so that clear consumption;

Payment is more convenient and fast: users can charge in various business halls and payment outlets, more convenient and fast than the current method of payment;

To prevent blackouts: In the absence of balance, the smart energy meter will take the initiative to alarm the user timely to pay for recharge, to prevent the loss of blackouts caused by arrears.

Rehabilitation agility after blackout: after blackout in arrears, the user only needs to puncture the recharged IC card to be able to recover the power supply independently, and does not have to wait for the operator to operate, thus reducing the waiting time;

Prevent the use of the energy meter may occur  dispute: the use of smart meters will thoroughly solve the old meter users to share the old line, and sub-meter users owe the formation of the total meter power failure and other  dispute;

The process of purchasing electricity recharge is more and more safe and reliable: the smart meter implements one meter and one card, the card and meter correspond to the ability recharge, the loss of purchasing electricity card will not cause loss to the user;

Payment cycle is becoming more flexible: smart energy meter cooperation IC card can really complete the user want to charge as much as they want, no longer need to pay monthly to the business hall;

Deduction is more intelligent and accurate: Smart electric meter can deduct and settle the charges according to the user's electricity consumption, and prevent the mistakes that the traditional manual meter reading method may bring;

Useful to prevent meter faults: through the long-distance information transmission function of smart meters, power operators can real-time monitor the state of the meter operation, timely detection of meter faults, to prevent loss to users.

The difference between smart electric meter and traditional meter is mainly reflected in:
1. High efficiency. Through the intelligent energy efficiency management system of low-voltage power grid, the power company uses the information collection network composed of smart meters to obtain the basic data of power grid operation, decides how to deal with power and load balancing, and long-distance selective shutdown of some high-power appliances during peak load period without affecting the normal life of the necessary electricity.
2. Intelligence. With the communication skills of terminal and power line, residents can automatically optimize the operation state of electrical appliances according to the electricity price or user's living habits, and participate in electricity management automatically.
3. Quick. After the completion of the system pre-paid electric meter, can be through the network, telephone and other terminals to obtain electricity information and long-distance purchase of electricity recharge.