Popularize smart meter and build smart grid

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The popularization and application of smart energy meter is an important part of the construction of smart grid. Its centralized use can realize many functions, such as power customer electricity information collection, remote meter reading, real-time monitoring and so on, to improve the accuracy of meter reading. Smart meters for residential users, can achieve a clear consumption, planned electricity, effective energy-saving, accurate inquiry daily power consumption. In order to ensure the smooth progress of smart meter replacement, Power Supply Company notifies users of the specific transformation time in advance to minimize the impact on users'lives. And in the installation process, strictly in accordance with the requirements of construction technology to install. The original and current metering devices are photographed and filed. Ensure the safety, quality and efficiency of smart meter transformation project.

Smart energy meter is an important part of the construction of smart grid, to eliminate the original manual transcription of electricity misreading, misreading, omission and timeless meter reading and other issues, so the replacement of not only meters, but also a change in people's electricity habits. Smart meters are more sensitive than conventional ones, and any subtle current is recorded, so the accumulated power is not small.

Installation and use of smart meters:
1. Turn on the end button box cover of the electric meter, then connect the end button wiring according to the wiring diagram, and connect the power supply.
2. The user inserts the IC card into the meter. The display first displays F1 and then the power purchased. Then the F2 is displayed stably. Then the display shows the sum of the original remaining power and the new power purchased is the current remaining power. At this time, the IC card can be taken off and the display is extinguished.
3. When the user uses electricity, the pulse indicating lamp will shine.
4. Prepaid electric meter automatically calculates the amount of electricity consumed during normal use. When the residual power in the energy meter is less than 20 degrees, the display shows the current residual power to remind users to purchase electricity. When the remaining power is equal to 10 degrees, the power cut reminds the user to buy electricity once. At this time, the user needs to insert the IC card into the watt-hour meter to restore power supply once. When the residual power is zero, stop power supply.
5. One meter, one card, the user can only insert his own meter to input a valid amount of electricity after each new purchase.
6. Prepaid electric meter display is usually not bright, if the user needs to check the remaining power, you can insert the IC card into the ammeter, then show F1 purchased power shows zero, F2 remaining power, pull out the card shows extinguished.
7. Each time the user inserts the IC card into the prepaid meter, the meter will write back all the user's electricity consumption on the IC card. The next time the user purchases electricity, the sales management system reads the IC card data summary and checks whether the user legitimately uses electricity. The electricity inspector can also use the check card to check the user's power consumption.
8. The power supply management department sets up the maximum power consumption of users according to the actual situation. When the actual power load exceeds the set value, stop power supply, meter display "E2", remind users to reduce power load, users need to insert IC card into the energy meter to restore power supply.