Development prospect of multi user watt hour meter

Publisher: Time: 2018-09-20Views: 1513 times

With the continuous development of multi-user watt-hour meter technology and the improvement of service awareness of domestic related industries, multi-user watt-hour meter technology has been rapidly promoted and applied in the meters related to the daily life of residents. At present, multi-user kWh meter is widely used in the management of residential and production electricity charges.

Multi-user kWh meter is a new type of watt-hour meter which adds multi-user watt-hour meter and load switch control function module to the electric energy meter to complete the electric energy collection and the electric energy settlement. As the use of IC card meter omits the manual meter reading process, the charging method is changed to collect, which greatly reduces the number of staff and significantly improves the work efficiency. Therefore, it is generally recognized and applied in the community property management and the collection of electricity charges by the power supply department.

Multi-user watt-hour meter is composed of large-scale power collection module. It has many advanced functions, such as power collection, data remote transmission, power supply control, multi-rate power measurement, etc. It is small in size and powerful in function. It is widely used in centralized power supply places such as college dormitories and intelligent residential areas. The household is welcome.

The multi-user kWh meter adopts the method of "household electricity consumption and centralized detection", which effectively prevents the electricity leakage and the generation of artificial false data in the process of meter reading. Moreover, the whole machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, and the project cost is low. Better EMC performance. The use of chips and design solutions has brought together all the work experience of the past 13 years, providing better stability and EMC performance for meter circuit performance.

The energy meter can not only supply single phase power to households, but also can supply electricity by three phase and four wire. In other words, the electronic multi-user watt-hour meter can be used as a single-phase active power meter, but also as a three-phase four-wire active power meter. It has verification input and output terminals, easy to use on-site meter calibration, wiring terminal using double bolt line pressing method to avoid loosening caused by heating.

The multi-user  energy meter can reduce the potential safety hazard, taking the dormitory of University as an example. At present, the most common multi-user watt-hour meter on the market is the security type. The main functions of the multi-user watt-hour meter include: anti-theft, prepaid, remote meter reading, remote control, overload protection, timing power cut-off function, malignant load identification.

In order to improve the flexibility of the instrument, there are some programmable parameters. Once some data are disturbed and destroyed, not only the instrument can not work properly, but also will cause economic losses to users, economic disputes according to law, so as to ensure the reliability, security and non-volatility of the data.

Multiuser  energy meter tells us that in order to improve the reliability of the instrument, photoelectric isolation circuit is designed in data set circuit and remote transmission circuit. In order to realize the non-volatile storage of parameters and data, two kinds of memory are used in the instrument. The two kinds of memory cooperate with each other, and software measures are adopted to achieve the non-volatile and reliable storage of data.